Theresa’s Chat Magazine – war, energy, and a bit more

Reproduced below is a summary of some of the discussions, ideas, and articles from the chat this past week.


  • Discussion about global events and possible effects on interest rates.
  • Thoughts about the stocks IIPR and HRTX, with suggestions that they may be bottoming.
  • Expectations of a clean energy surge.

Some discussion about recent global events

LesRob Oct 9

Normally I don’t chat much about my emotional stresses but this week – Edgy start to the week with Israel and Hamas conflict escalation hoping it will stay local versus expansion with Iran. Russia and Iran have become much closer since the Ukraine War, they and others are trying to prevent a Saudi-Israeli deal. The news is calling it the Israel 9/11 event, it looks like additional stress between Russia and the US in another global event. Energy and Palantir stocks are up. To me the stakes and probability are higher that with global escalating tensions – will China add or subtract to the issues.

shutko mark Oct 9

Ukrainian special forces are hunting wagners in other countries.

LesRob Oct 9

SPX turning Green not sure about spending however adding another uncertainity to Global security and energy supplies which could lead to higher energy prices and another fed hike which leads to a higher interest rate payment and possibly more money going into treasuries from the stock market, it appears no bottom in place for small caps.

Kirk Spano Oct 9

I don’t think interest rates are going up again unless oil moves up materially. That will depend on whether or not Iran gets pulled in and whether or not Saudi Arabia enters a security pact in return for producing more oil.

IIPR and HRTX may be bottoming

Kirk Spano Oct 10

Doing some deep reading on IIPR and HRTX overnight. I think both are bottoming. Lots of interesting stuff at both. IIPR will be slower growth, but just based on comp to other REITs is in much better position on every metric and the business in general. Tough to not want that 9% dividend with what appears to be high single digit growth rates and one of the best balance sheets in all REITdom. HRTX is on the verge of profitability suddenly and share realignment seems to be near complete. Question is will they need a reverse split. If they do, I think it’ll be similar to Spire Global which did not suffer from it.

Solar got a lift this week

Ken Schaefle Oct 10

Does anyone know why the solar stuff went up today?

Kirk Spano Oct 10

I discussed expect clean energy surge yesterday. It’s cheap and war.

Some articles and links posted in the chat this past week:

Exxon to buy Pioneer Natural Resources for $60 billion in all-stock deal

Unity’s CEO exit, reaffirmed Q3 outlook draws analysts’ reactions

‘We will place the biggest hydrogen bus order in US history because battery-electric can’t do the job’

Rocket Lab – Rocket Lab Opens Engine Development Center in Long Beach

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