Top Financial & Investment Websites

Following is a list of the top investment websites, top financial planning websites, top new websites and top government websites on the internet. I have been using all of these websites periodically for my investment research.

I have focused on free sites, although there are several subscription sites worth considering. Many of the subscription sites offer a number of free articles per week or month.

This is a one stop list for top investment websites, top financial planning websites, top new websites and top government websites. I will add to it as I find other top investment websites. Make sure to BOOKMARK this page.

Remember, it’s not about more information and opinions, it’s about better information and analysis. These top financial websites will prove useful over and over as you randomly walk the financial world. I’ve italicized a few sites I visit almost daily.

Top Investing & Trading Websites

These are core websites I use for investment screening, finding core investment information and charting. These are where the sifting begins.

Remember to use the research functions at your online brokerage. There are many research reports there. Comparing those reports will give you a good perspective of what is important to sift out and consider when making your investment decisions.

Top Macro & Markets Investment Websites

These investment websites provide big picture looks at data and historical correlations. For great charts and perspectives about the economy and markets, check out these investment websites.

Top Investment Blogs

Some of these authors are excellent and parsing the information. I try to find industry experts who can give me a great view of their slice of the world, for example in technology, resources, particular industries, currencies or parts of the world.

Top Financial Planning Websites

Basic financial planning can be done on the internet now. Gone are the days of high priced financial planners. Use one or two of these websites to gt 90% or more of your financial planning in place.

Top Financial News Websites

These websites are core reading for investors. There is plenty of free content. For a deep dive into the investing of pros, I strongly recommend ValueWalk.

Top News Websites

These news websites are among the best for giving an ideology free (or light) perspective. True analysis begins with understanding what is going on around us and setting our feelings aside. I specifically have searched out news sources that are fact based and do everything they can to avoid bias. Here is a great website for vetting what you read: Media Bias Fact Check

Top Think Tanks & Global Institutions

Think tanks and global institutions offer data, independence and a global view necessary to understanding the world. Use these sources to understand how research leads to policy that shapes investing and our daily lives.

Top U.S. Government Websites

Government and institutions play a key role in regulating and setting the path for economic development. These sites are full of useful information on the path that we are being guided on.