Top Financial Websites

I have a list of over 150 websites that I visit periodically, including several dozen subscription services. In addition, I use a five figure subscription fee AI.

Below are the essential subscription services I think you should consider and a few freemium lists. Each has something useful.

Top Financial & Investment News

  • Bloomberg – Hands down the best data and analysis of the major financial news sites. And cheap. I read it almost every day. The hands down, absolute #1 thing you should read daily. And I say that, even though WSJ gives me a few bucks to promote them.
  • Barron’s – Think of it as WSJ’s little brother that is focused almost exclusively on investment ideas. For a buck a week, it’s a huge bargain and a must subscribe.

Best DIY Investing Websites

  • TradingView – Incredibly easy charting versus most brokerages. Excellent if you want to keep track of a group of charts. The screening tool for technical factors, like weekly RSI, is worth its weight in gold. For both long-term investors and swing traders. If you sell options for retirement income or do any swing trading you NEED this.
  • Stock Rover – Hands down the best and easiest to use stock screening and seeing correlations. It’s watchlist and portfolio tracking tool is the best one I’ve found. Their volume alerts are extremely valuable to telling you when something is different. Screen for quant factors if you get the Premium Plus. Worth it if you are a data hound that does your own screening.
  • Seeking Alpha Premium – I write here often, their crowdsourced investment analysis is excellent, after you sift through the noobs writing for beer money, when you get to the experts and top investors. The tools they’ve added are top notch and the transcripts/news in one location is handy. If you have time to read dozens of articles and want to stay on one site for tools, news and transcripts, totally worth it.


Free Financial Websites

Top News Websites

Media Bias Fact Check

Top Government & Institutional Websites

I’ve included a few free government and institutional sites that are full of good information.

Global & Institutions