What I Read & Use

I have a list of over 150 websites that I visit periodically. However, there are several that I use almost everyday and others on a more than weekly basis. Here is a list of those websites I find the most useful most often for understanding the financial world and finding investment ideas.

Top Financial News

These are core websites I use for investment screening, finding core investment information and charting. These are where the sifting begins.

  • Bloomberg –The best data and analysis of the major financial news sites. And cheap. I read it every day. The hands down, absolute #1 thing you should read daily. And I say that, even though WSJ gives me a few bucks to promote them.
  • Wall Street Journal (1/2 price link) – If you prefer the old school and have time to read a second finance newspaper. I have a subscription and use it a few times per week.
  • Financial Times – I used to love it, but it’s a lesser version of Bloomberg and similar to WSJ, but more expensive. I glance at it, but I no longer go several days per week.
  • Barron’s ($52/year link) – Think of it as WSJ’s little brother that is focused almost exclusively on investment ideas. For a buck a week, it’s a must subscribe.
  • MarketWatch – I’d remiss to exclude the site that “discovered me.” Great free content, a member of the WSJ group.
  • Reuters Business & Finance – As newsy as financial news gets.
  • Fuld & Company Competitive Intelligence – Executive business consultancy.
  • McKinsey – Executive business consultancy.
  • Wood McKenzie – Energy research.

Best Investment Websites

These are finance, economics and investing websites that I use at least weekly, but usually several times per week. There’s more great sites out there, but only so many hours, so, I use these for the content and the time management.

  • Stock Rover (discount link) – Hands down the best and easiest to use stock screening, as well as, watchlist and portfolio tracking tool I’ve found. Allows you to follow the fundamental and technical data of a watchlist or portfolio in groups for easy comparisons and visualizations.
  • TradingView (discount link) – a step up in charting versus most brokerages. Excellent if you want to keep track of a group of charts. Excellent screening and crowdsourced trading ideas.
  • ValueWalk Pro (discount link) – The absolute best resource for finding investment ideas from hedge funds and institutional investors. Easy to use 13-F screener to find out what the big shots are investing in.
  • Sentiment Trader (discount link) – Has all the great charts of things like sentiment, options trading, smart money vs dumb money, margin levels, investor confidence… all in one place. Everything that impacts investor sentiment and market prices. Incredibly convenient for a buck a day.
  • Seeking Alpha – I write here often, their crowdsourced investment analysis is excellent, after you sift through the noobs writing for beer money, when you get to the experts and top investors.
  • Yahoo Finance – still the go to for free financial information. Their new premium services is actually pretty good if you love their platform.
  • DShort Advisor Perspectives – Updated charting of key market data.
  • iMarket Signals – Tracking the business cycle from boom to bust.
  • S&P Global – Global markets intelligence.
  • REIT.com – Core REIT website.
  • Yardeni Research – Tracking the money flows.
  • ETF.com – Great free website on ETF investing.

Best Financial Planning Websites

Most financial planning can be done on the internet now. Gone are the days of high priced financial planners. As of January 2020, I have added MoneyGuidePro to my investment firm’s offerings. Visit Bluemound Asset Management’s Financial Planning page to find out more about effective low cost financial planning with me and this powerful software.

Fundamental Trends subscribers can use our MoneyGuidePro software for free, simply register for the site. To engage me, select a plan on the Investment Consulting & Coaching page or we can discuss hourly fees.

Top News Websites

These news websites are among the best for giving an ideology free (or light) perspective. I get to most of these once a week or when aggregators point me to an piece. True analysis begins with understanding what is going on around us and setting our feelings aside. I specifically have searched out news sources that are fact based and do everything they can to avoid bias. Here is a great website for vetting what you read: Media Bias Fact Check

Top Government & Institutional Websites

I’ve included a few free government and institutional sites that are full of good information.

Global & Institutions