Top Financial Websites

I have a list of over 150 top financial websites that I visit periodically, including several dozen subscription services. Below are the essential subscription services I think you should consider and great free financial websites.

Top Financial & Investment News

  • Bloomberg – Hands down the best data and analysis of the major financial news sites. And cheap. I read it almost every day. The hands down, absolute #1 thing you should read daily. And I say that, even though WSJ gives me a few bucks to promote them.
  • Barron’s (WSJ, Barron’s, MarketWatch & IBD bundle) – Think of it as WSJ’s little brother that is focused almost exclusively on investment ideas. For a buck a week, it’s a huge bargain and a must subscribe.

Best DIY Investing Websites

  • TradingView – Incredibly easy charting versus most brokerages. Excellent if you want to keep track of a group of charts. The screening tool for technical factors, like weekly RSI, is worth its weight in gold. For both long-term investors and swing traders. If you sell options for retirement income or do any swing trading you NEED this.
  • OptionStrat – If you are an option seller, then this is essential for building and visualizing your trades. I only have the basic service as I do not need swing trading information. A lot of option information is on the web now for free. I use this for the trade building tools.
  • Seeking Alpha Premium – I write here often, their crowdsourced investment analysis is excellent, after you sift through the noobs writing for beer money, when you get to the experts and top investors. The tools they’ve added are top notch and the transcripts/news in one location is handy. If you have time to read dozens of articles and want to stay on one site for tools, news and transcripts, totally worth it.
  • FS Insight – I use this almost daily. It’s like having a team do the Bloomberg terminal for you. Not cheap, and I mirror a lot of the content, but if you are managing over a million dollars I’d subscribe.
  • Forest For The Trees (Tree Rings subscription) – I read this every weekend. Luke Gromen often takes a different perspective than I do and that makes me think. When we end up at the same place despite different paths, that’s very, very powerful. If you are managing over a million dollars I’d subscribe.

* I get a teeny tiny commission on these.

Best Free Financial Websites

Some of these have a paid side as well. I do not pay for any of these, I stick with free.

Free Financial Websites

  • Yahoo Finance – still a go to for free financial information, but Seeking Alpha has all of this and more now.
  • DShort Advisor Perspectives – Updated charting of key market data
  • Conference Board – Leading Economic Indicators and more.
  • Finviz – great stock screener and data on companies. I subscribe for the short interest data in particular. A bit of a learning curve.
  • Barchart – another screening and charting site I use regularly. Excellent “unusual options activity” alerts.
  • CityFalcon – An AI based information aggregator. Finds news and data on companies, industries and various financial topics. A bit of a learning curve to use, but an awesome site that is continuing to develop. Worth the subscription fee if you are a reader.
  • Calculated Risk – Bill McBride’s economics blog.
  • JP Morgan’s Guide To The Markets (see similar from all the big banks)
  • S&P Global – Global markets intelligence.
  • – Core REIT website.
  • Yardeni Research – Tracking the money flows.
  • FactSet Insights – earnings and finance focus.
  • – Great free website on ETF investing
  • Reuters Business & Finance – As newsy as financial news gets.
  • McKinsey – Executive business consultancy.
  • Wood McKenzie – Energy research.

Top Crypto And Blockchain Websites

I gave Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain its own list for those who want to dive in and learn. Some of these get very “pop up” heavy. If one gets intrusive, use another. You’ll notice this is the tip of the iceberg on crypto websites. The number of websites indicates overlap, mania and another shakeout coming in my opinion.

My general thesis on crypto is that only Bitcoin survives as a store of value and medium of exchange. That means a lot of crypto go to zero. All the others are a form of SaaS replacement. Ethereum is the leader for blockchain development, but there are likely to be a few dozen survivors that are purpose driven for Web 3.0 development. The value in the surviving blockchain development tokens is being able to stake and collect a fee for validating transactions. I could be wrong, there might be “money value” I don’t recognize or understand yet.

Top News Websites

I have used Media Bias Fact Check to find websites that maintain a semblance of fairness, that is, are not extremely ideological in either direction. They can all reach the middle with a little lean.

Top Government & Institutional Websites

I’ve included a few free government and institutional sites that are full of good information.

Global & Institutions


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