Using Seeking Alpha Premium


  • Seeking Alpha offers a variety of tools for investors, including screeners for stocks and ETFs.
  • The screener allows users to set criteria and find stocks with a good mix of characteristics.
  • The platform also provides analyst articles, news, financials, and other resources for investment research.
  • Seeking Alpha runs specials on its Premium service, look for a price under $200.

In past years I was not a big advocate or user of Seeking Alpha Premium. However, after several years of me making requests and suggestions, I think it is time most of you had Seeking Alpha Premium for one main reason:

  • Screeners for stocks and ETFs.

Although, I am featuring the screener, there are quite a few other tools:

  • News, corporate call transcripts and SEC filings.
  • Company financials, earnings and dividend information.
  • Valuations and growth analysis.
  • Stock price momentum.
  • Peer comparisons and related company analysis.
  • And, of course, about 20% of the analyst articles are well done (hint: avoid the cheerleaders).

Regarding the analyst articles, since Seeking Alpha changed how analysts are paid, investment group analysts are pushed into revealing more of their research. So, you don’t need to really subscribe to other investing groups if you have Seeking Alpha Premium and Fundamental Trends because I give you all the best investment ideas from my access to over 40 top research firms.

Seeking Alpha often runs sales on Seeking Alpha Premium for under $200/year. Click my Seeking Alpha Premium link to see if they are running a special now.

Seeking Alpha Premium Screener

You have seen me use those screeners in articles and webinars now. The summary screening that you can do is very effective when done with the right viewpoint and goals.

The screener is so good that you do not need to buy the Seeking Alpha Alpha Picks, their quant service, because you can legitimately do it yourself for cheaper with the screener.

To use the stock screener simply include criteria and tweak the ranges of what you are looking for. The scoring shortcuts they use are very useful:

  • Valuation
  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Momentum
  • EPS Revisions

I typically set all of settings to a score of “C-” or better to find stocks that have a good mix of characteristics. Then the deep reading begins.

There is another set of scores in the screener as well:

  • Quant rating
  • Seeking Alpha analyst sentiment
  • Wall Street analyst sentiment

The quant ranking is very momentum driven and really is a short-term indicator for trades likely to last 3-6 months if you catch the move early. Many of the quant “A rated” stocks are in a rally and you have to be careful of trends reversing into a downward, especially for overvalued stocks with high valuations.

The Seeking Alpha analysts are extremely bullish on whole, so, take with a grain of salt if their sentiment is higher than Wall Street’s. Overlay the sentiment with which direction EPS Revisions are going, that is what Zack’s is based on. Improving EPS Revisions from a low number are very powerful, hence, why I often focus on companies going from unprofitable to profitable, or with expanding margins.

If you are truly doing your own research, then I do suggest a subscription to Seeking Alpha Premium  when they are running a special under $200/year.

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